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Tsukimori Len in La Corda D’oro Blue Sky

Still remember that Ave Maria pieces.. that make me fall in love with violin..=)

Look what I found at bookstore today… Kiniro no Corda ~ Blue Sky (Vol.1) manga..Happy .  Inside there’s mini poster of the anime.. Gonna read this manga tomorrow..:)

I have played the game before I watch the anime…as usual the anime story is slightly different from the Game itself. Hmphh… well…is just the 1st episode… anyway here’s the list of the Violin pieces that appear in this episode.

Kohinata Kanade ~ Bach - Partita No.3 in E for solo violin, BWV 1006                                            ”Prelude”

Tohgane Chiaki ~  Pablo de Sarasate - Zigeunerweisen Op.20

Myoga Reiji ~   Bach - Partita No.2 in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004                           “Sarabande”

Kisaragi Ritsu ~ Paganini - La Campanella

Note: In the game, Kohinata Kanade played “Bach - Partita No.3 in E for solo violin, BWV 1006  ”Gavotte en Rondeau” I prefer this piece than the Prelude… 

Thanks for following me for the past 1 year…but currently I don’t have time to continue this blog… I will try to update once in a while… =(

Just one more week for Kiniro No Corda 3 ~ Blue Sky anime to air… can’t wait.. in the mean time…enjoy this instrument song by Jinnan school.. ah.. Tohgane Chiaki…=) 

Love the electric violin and the piano accompaniment… 

It’s been almost two days… and the plane location is still unknown…it’s such a sad case…my prayers are with them..and please come back soon..

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Aksys is currently doing a survey on visual novels, so if you have a moment to answer, please do so! :)

Just did it myself!




Popular otome game NORN9 -Norn+Nonette- was announced to be animated! More details soon to come.

NORN9 Official Site

I have the limited edition game and everything, but haven’t even played it yet. I don’t think I will and I’m actually trying to sell it;;; I dunno, maybe I’d do better understanding the anime?? It might even get me to try the game after I had read reviews that didn’t spark my interest after it was released but I doubt it. Meeeehhhhh…

Ohh.. I just realized Amnesia World can be pre-order already… Yes.. I pre-order the regular edition at AmiAmi.. Hehe..Since this game will be released 22 May… I still have 2 months to save to buy a PS Vita…:)


New Theathrythm's box, 3DS XL bundle preorder ⊟

Not a bad cover for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call! It’s the same design as what’s on the special edition 3DSL XL for Japan, except with more cover. That hardware bundle, by the way, is now available to preorder from Play-Asia for $413.99. Importing a system is really expensive! Still, I know some of you were considering taking the plunge with this kit.

BUY Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, upcoming games

Otome stuff..... and some Nintendo 3ds stuff...=))