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The only thing I love in my country is that most of us can speaks at least 3 different languages…


Some pics from the GHP:PLATINUM Official Fanbook. It took me a loooooooooooong while to get these -.-” But it was worth it!! :3 Kinami Yuki’s art never lets me down it is always so amazing XD 

(via i0990)

After hours of practice and frustration…. Guess is time to find motivation… Lol


3DS Homebrew Channel imminent ⊟

French coder Smealum is preparing to release a 3DS Homebrew Channel hack for 3DSes soon! Here’s why this project is awesome:

  • It works on the latest 3DS firmware, unlike previous hacks that require outdated versions from a year and a half ago
  • This will not load commercial or pirated 3DS ROMs, only homebrew apps and games (though it will be able to run emulators like this SNES one for 3DS)
  • It will support North American, European, and Japanese systems
  • While Smealum hasn’t implemented region unlocking yet, he says "playing games from other region[s] should almost definitely be possible"

Presumably you’ll need a homebrew device to patch your system once Smealum releases the hack (although I’m also hearing that this might be possible to load with just an SD card?). Credit to @gemesisDev for the photo.

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First Love Diaries…

Yeahh… Purchased Yuya Abe route… But I’m too sleepy to play his route.. Guess I will play it tomorrow… and only after my I practice my piano…. sob…

I can do this….come on……

I need to practice 6-8 pieces this week…………………… I need motivation……

( either watch nodame or Kiniro no corda…….gosh…y am I wasting my time to re-watch those anime….come on put your butt at the piano chair….)


Fantasy Life looks so fun ⊟

We haven’t talked about Fantasy Life much on the site since Nintendo announced it for the West, but if you’ve tuned in to the TinyCast, you’ve heard how hyped we are for this action RPG/life sim from Level-5 and 1-Up Studio.

I was sold on this 3DS game as soon as I saw Tailor pop up as one of the playable classes — you can see all the jobs in this new overview trailer for Europe, where the game releases on September 26. If you’re excited about this too and want to connect with me online so I can make you some bomb-ass outfits, preorder it here!

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First Love Diaries ~ Nao Fujimori Main story CG’s

His route make me laugh and remind me of my high school life.. I don’t really play Voltage games… But his story is highly recommended..

Disclaimer- all images belong to Voltage. Inc

( I’m not sure issit alright to post the CG.. )

Ace Attorney - Dual destinies iOS version…

Just want let you people know… if you purchased the special episode ” Turnabout Reclaimed” and once you finish the episode..you will unlock the Phoenix Wright costume ” Nostalgic Sweater”

Wow.. I didn’t see it coming….=)

My Weekend…

So for this weekend I spend my times on playing games on my iPad and iPhone…

So I purchased “Nao Fujimori” route from “First Kiss Diaries” this was an impulse buy..since I heard many good review from it… and yes.. I enjoy playing it..love the stories…it remind me of my first love too.. and the most coincidence is the MC has 3 BFF which the same goes as me…and I knew my BFF since high school..n I remember talking bout guys during my high school.. playing this route..bring back lots of memories..like waiting next to the phone just in case he called…or sleep while holding the phone..=).,

I also purchased Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies DLC episode..”Turnabout Reclaimed”.. I dint get to purchase it on my 3DS because it such a hassle to get a Nintendo e-card in my country…I so glad they actually releases it on the iOS… lol.. love this case too.. it’s heartwarming and touching….

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